Scenic Wonders And Such

I was born in Philly, grew up in NJ, married in 1962 and lived in NJ until 2003.  Friends of ours owned a beautiful log cabin in Sheffield and invited us to come up for vacation the summer of 1974.  It took 2 days staying at their beautiful cabin to know that this is where I belonged.  In 2003 we fulfilled a 29 year old dream and moved permanently to Vermont.  After visiting family in Ireland for the first time I was amazed at the striking similarity of the North East Kingdom of Vermont and where my grandfather grew up and lived in County Cavan.   The beauty in both places is indescribable. 



Thanks so much to Charlotte and Arlene from the East Burke Library for encouraging me to find an outlet to sell my photos.  I never, in a million years, would have thought that I had any kind of a special talent.  If Charlotte and Arlene and the many people that have viewed my photos at the Lyndonville Farmers Market in the summer are correct I just might have a "great eye" for taking just the right photo at the right time.  You be the judge.  If you think so please email me at: